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  • Innovative Fun Equipments

    Are you looking for something NEW, EXCITING and INNOVATIVE?? Want the excitement of Sea Waves in your own Swimming Pool? Want to experience the Fun of Skiing in hot summer? Want to enjoy the thrill of racing your Motor Boats? This range of our products caters to all of that!
  • Fun In Water

    Haven’t you always wanted your Swimming Pool & Water Park to be more exciting and enjoyable for you and your visitors? Here, with Arpan Associates you can avail an extensive range of swimming pool fun accessories which include Swimming Pool Slides, Aqua Themed Play Stations, Inflatable Toys and Tubes, Swimming Pool Loungers and much more.
  • Fun In Garden

    Enjoy the breeze on the Swings or the thrill of speed on the Slides or simply chug away in the Garden Train! Children love to play in the garden with their fellow mates and each one of them have a favorite play equipment. For some it is the swing, for some the tunnel slides, for some kids it’s the Garden train!
  • Themed Play Stations

    Do you want your garden and children playground to look DIFFERENT from the usual Children Playgrounds? Or do you have your OWN THEME for children playground?
  • Multi Play Stations

    It is Edutainment and not just Entertainment. Arpan Associates designs and manufactures a wide range of Multi-Play Stations for children. Our complete range of Multi-Play Equipments is a perfect display of creativity and innovativeness.
  • Adventure Equipments

    Life is an Adventure! Enjoy It! Arpan Associates manufactures and supplies some very exciting adventure equipments and rides. Our Adventure Equipments range from Para-Motoring, Para-Gliding, Para-Sailing to Aqua Karting and Obstacle Course which includes a bundle of adventure activities combined into one composite Multi-Play Unit!
  • Fun With Boats

    Whether it is the joy of leisure boating in a lake surrounded with a beautiful landscape or the thrill of riding a water Jet Ski on the waves of the Sea, all of us love to go for a boating activity!
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipments

    Health is Wealth! And going by this proverb, we are the manufacturers and suppliers of outdoor fitness equipments for your Garden and Clubhouses. With more and more people enrolling in Enclosed Fitness GYM, Arpan Associates brings you the concept of Open-Space-GYM.